Outsourcing, Insourcing & Managed Services

Outsourcing, Insourcing & Managed Services

All-systems-go, all the time

Leaving your worries behind

Bynet’s outsourcing and managed services ensure that your systems and information are always available, secure, backed up and prepared for disaster recovery. With knowledge and experience accumulated over hundreds of projects we will maximize the efficiency of every business or technological process and ensure continuous improvement by setting clear goals and metrics and using advanced command and control tools.

Outsourcing – organization’s inner peace

Bynet’s outsourcing services can be used both for solving specific problems and single projects and as a comprehensive response which provides taking full responsibility for your site in the long term. Our team will accompany you throughout the whole life cycle of our engagement:

Fast and focused recruitment process which saves long hours in sorting and filtering resumes.

A personality interview conducted by experienced recruitment managers

Examination of candidates by senior officials in the relevant field before an interview in the organization.

Ongoing supervision of the professional’s work to ensure goal compliance.

Why outsourcing?

We match the talents you need according to required experience levels, specialization, Interpersonal skill set, classification, within your time and budge

You determine the place and duration of the employment and we locate the expert.

Employing a specialist over time makes it possible to anticipate costs and meet the budget.

Make time for you to focuse on core business and business development.

Managed Services – Your private IT department

Bynet provides managed services for all types of enterprise infrastructure on-premises, private cloud, Bynet cloud, public clouds and hybrid environments:

Managed Infrastructure

Management and operations services for the organization’s computing infrastructure: physical and virtual servers, storage resources, version updates, daily testing, support and handling of events, configuration and change management, performance management and resource capacity.

Managed End User Support

Management services for end users: workstations, operating systems and drivers, version updates, endpoint security, support and event handling, workstation backup, MS365 and AD and mobile devices management.

Managed Project managing

Accompanying the customer from the initiation phase to "go-live", writing a functional design according to client's needs, leading the project within the time frame and budget while ensuring cutomer satisfaction.

Managed System analyst

Analysis of the existing systems, processes according to current demands, with an emphasis on the business need and the technological requirements including software, DB, communication, information security, infrastructures, etc.

Managed Resiliency

A managed service for business continuity including managing backups for all types of information and managing disaster recovery processes.

Managed DevOps

Management of development and operation processes in the organization: management and monitoring of applications, management and operation of development and testing environments, management of Kubernetes environments and preparation of automation templates for deploying resources.

Managed Automation CoE

Management of automation requirements pipline of business processes, design, development, implementation, monitoring and maintenance of the bot economy and the supporting automation infrastructures.

Managed development

Documented and efficient development, in accordance with the architecture, planning and design. subject to information security requirements and open communication and transparency with the customer

Why Managed Services?