Content & Knowledge Management

CMS Int/Ext Portal & Web Services & KMS

When the knowledge is shared - everyone is in sync.

Knowledge and content management platforms gather the knowledge accumulated in the organization in one place and makes it accessible to employees and customers from anywhere at one click. The immediate access to up-to-date information allows your team to make smart decisions, synchronize knowledge, coordinate actions with the rest of the organization and provide a better service. As a result, the organization’s activities become more efficient reduce time and costs and improving customer and employees experience.

Restructuring and preservation of organizational knowledge

Tailoring advanced knowledge management solutions for your organization needs. This enables reorganizing corporate knowledge in accordance with authorization in order to preserve it and get the most out of it. Among other things, our solutions enable implementation of organizational “memory” standardization and preservation mechanisms and introduces corporate taxonomy (hierarchical table of contents) that enables to easily search and retrieve documents and import content from other systems. We ensure the systems’ design is adapted to the nature of the organization and the brand language while creating an advanced user experience and meeting accessibility standards.

A cross-organizational solutions

In order to ensure an appropriate response to every need of the organization, knowledge and content management systems contain the following elements:

Training and Learning Portals


Articles & Tutorials

Training and Enrichment Programs

Permits and Certificates

Case Studies


Employee Evaluation Mechanisms

Employee Evaluation Mechanisms

Single Access Points to Information

Frequent Questions and Answers

Forums and User Communities

Organizational knowledge environment digitation

Bynet Software’s work methodology makes it possible to automate all the elements that make up the organizational knowledge environment.

Creating advanced tools for end users, process managers and system administrators on a variety of topics: employee onboarding, vacation requests, registration for training courses, approval of procedures and contracts, approval and warning of system downtime, equipment requests and approval of marketing documents. Among the tools offered are digital signatures, notification mechanisms and means for detecting bottlenecks.

SharePoint-based solutions for managing documents in an organization depending on its structure, types of content, content lifecycle, categorization and authorization mechanisms. As part of the work process a comprehensive characterization is carried out the purpose of which is to ensure maximum adaptation to the needs of the organization, an optimal user experience and successful implementation. In addition to establishing new document management systems Bynet Software converts the old systems based on current organizational needs.

Mapping the documents used as organizational forms, converting them into smart digital forms and automating the essential work processes and life cycle of these components. By saving the advanced forms in the SharePoint system you can quickly and easily standardize, retrieve and validate them, extract information from within organizational systems and enforce an authorization mechanism.

Planning and setting up advanced organizational portals for the entire organization or for various groups within it. SharePoint-based portals make it easy for your organization’s staff to find and share information thanks to a variety of advanced capabilities such as: full document management from within Office software, integration of information from different systems into the portal, quick access to initialize workflows, designed components for displaying messages and interfacing with external enterprise applications.

Planning and setting up websites and applications while adapting the design to the brand’s spirit, creating an advanced user experience, meeting accessibility standards, adapting to browsers and search engine optimization. In addition, Bynet Software develops extranet solutions which make it possible to share information with authorized non-organizational entities such as suppliers, distributors and customers. To ensure maximum protection of information websites and applications include innovative identification and security mechanisms.

Planning, establishing and implementing enterprise search solutions based on SharePoint and FAST that enable data queries in internal and external organizational sources and efficient retrieval of organizational documents and contents from SharePoint and organizational systems. As part of the work process the content sources are being mapped and search results pages and desired search experience are being designed and customized.

Building systems that enable the collection and sharing of information within various contents such as: locating troubleshooting solutions, manuals and organizational glossary. The systems combine a variety of tools and capabilities including authorization and categorization mechanisms, content approval and publishing processes, alerts on new pages, periodic refresh and validation of the content, integration of end user feedback and content rating tools, loading of related information pages, a tagging mechanism and search tools for efficient retrieval of the content.