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Professional Challenge

Working in the most advanced organizations in Israel with leading international clients

Exposure to the Technologies of Tomorrow

Practical experience with innovative tools as part of the ongoing work

Pleasant Work Experience

A respectful, supportive and enriching work environment

Dynamic Career

A wide range of professional promotion and development options

Bundled Services

A wide range of complementary welfare services for the organization employees

Corporate Culture

Open communication and transparency, with an emphasis on the employee's well-being

Professional development / career

Developing and nurturing the skills of employees

occupational flexibility

Flexibility in place and working hours, full trust in employees who will perform their work from anywhere and at any time

Part of the largest IT group Israel

Binat Software Systems was established in 2002 as part of the Red Binat Group

Work-life balance

We emphasize between the current tasks and the time spent with our dear ones or engaging in personal fields.

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