Accessibility Statement

Accessibility Statement

We are committed to ensuring our website is accessible to the widest possible audience and have thus invested many resources in applying services aimed at people with disabilities.

Compliance status

Our website meets Level AA of the international W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, in accordance with Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities Regulations (Accessibility Adjustments for Service), 2013 (hereinafter: the Regulations).

Actions to improve accessibility

  1. Our website is compatible with popular browsers.
  2. Our website is viewable on cellular phones
  3. Our website is viewable on multiple screens and resolutions.
  4. Navigation on our website is simple and clear.
  5. Content on our website is written clearly, simply and organized according to a logical hierarchy.
  6. All pages on our website have a fixed structure.
  7. Most images have a textual alternative (alt).
  8. Website allows change in font sizes by using Ctrl and + on the keyboard.
  9. Our website does not use moving or blinking text.

Our website was made accessible by Enable.

Despite our efforts, some parts of our website may not be fully accessible. some header structure and page IDs are not optimised for screen reader use.

If you find any problems with this website’s accessibility, we welcome your feedback to our accessibility officer at

In order for us to address the problem in the most efficient manner, we recommend that you provide us with detailed information such as:

  1. Description of the problem
  2. What were the actions you attempted to make
  3. Link to the page you viewed
  4. Type of browser and version
  5. Operating system
  6. Type of assisting technology (if used)

Accessibility is part of our mission statement and we aim to respond in the most professional and timely manner.

Our accessibility officer’s details are as follows:

  • Name:
  • Telephone:
  • E-mail:

This statement was updated on March 22, 2023