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The Bynet Automation Center of Excellence (CoE) helps organizations to become more efficient, focused and prosper. By making business processes flexible, fast and simple they can be easily managed and monitored, non-intrusively and without the need for development while minimizing human engagement. The result is a dramatic cut in operating costs while improving the speed, quality, business continuity and information security of the services offered. Moreover, the focus of human capital in the organization shifts from carrying out routine operations to development, creation and growth.

Bot-based activity

Automation is performed using a smart, technologically based platform RPA (Robotic Processing Automation). As part of the process manual operations and repetitive tasks are transformed into automated procedures executed by bots using software interfaces (APIs) and graphical user interfaces (GUI). The bots operate 24 hours a day and carry out a wide range of processes, quickly and without the need for supervision. To broaden the horizons of business process automation by a considerable scale we combine the task-performing capabilities of RPA with the learning and analysis capabilities of machines (AI) for the detection and analysis of automated processes such as computer vision (OCR) and natural language processing (NLP).

End-to-end improvement and efficiency increase

Operational Streamlining

Using RPA reduces operating costs by about 50%, increases business profit and returns the investment cost in a short time.

Cost Reduction

A bot works 8,760 hours per year equivalent to four employees working an estimated 2,184 annual standard hours.

Maximum Accuracy

Automated processes comply with the defined rules to ensure maximum quality, accuracy and to avoid errors.

Compliance and Consistency

Using RPA reduces operating costs by about 50%, increases business profit and returns the investment cost in a short time.

Bridging Barriers

RPA technology ensures end-to-end automation while tackling complex interfacing, organizing and data processing challenges.

Hebrew Support

Support of Hebrew content based procedures incl. document recognition and processing ensures an intuitive UX.

Make Informed Decisions

Access to accurate data from various sources improves data analysis, performance and enables accurate decisions.

Increase Productivity

Automation frees employees from technical tasks and allows to focus on development, service, showing initiative and creativity.

Better Customer Experience

Shorter processes and accurate response improve customer communication, satisfaction and loyalty.