Full Stack Development

Smart solutions for complex challenges

Complex technologies, simple solutions

We develop simple and intelligent customized solutions to complex challenges from the vision and design stage to choosing the right technology, implementation and product support. The agile approach ensures maximum flexibility in the development process, shortening TTM and saving on hardware, cloud infrastructure and licensing costs. The various solutions enable organizations to accelerate business processes and lead in their field of activity.

An organizational leap forward

By modernizing information systems depending on market and customer demands you can quickly respond to changes and offer flexible services tailored to current challenges. Bynet’s digital and mobile solutions provide a real answer to your needs. We adopt innovative technologies and software architectures to ensure an optimal service experience on every channel, on every interface and at every moment.

A comprehensive development solution in one place

End-to-end improvement

Enterprise Process Integration

Streamlining Operations

Promoting Business Goals

Improved Customer Experience

Saving Hardware Costs

Modernization and digitization of old systems

Integration of systems for maximum efficiency

In order for all organization teams to operate in colaboration we integrate all systems, both new and existing. The solutions we develop ensure easy and friendly communication between systems and employees, increasing processes efficiency and prevent errors. More over, when all your data is centrlized in one secure location you can be sure that it’s protected.

Flexible service model

For your convenience you can at any stage choose a service model tailored to your challenges– from a one-time development process to a full managed services. The managed services model allows you to control how operational work is done in your organization. You can transfer the handling of a certain operations or the entire operation to us and enjoy a perfect caverage which ensures maximum efficiency, shortening processes and considerable financial savings.

How does it work?

The development process is carried out in accordance with the CCP (Customer Centric Performance) methodology that we have developed in the course of leading hundreds of projects over the years. The methodology is focused on realizing the goals of our customers while ensuring high satisfaction and meeting deadlines. The process is leads by dedicated project manager with relevant experience and skills.

1. Project Specification

Mapping the functional needs, business, regulatory and technological requirements alongside formulating functional and tech desigen and SOW.

2. Agile process

Enables an ongoing control of project’s outcome through agreed scheduled milestones set at periodic assessment meetings

3. Ongoing Control

QA tests (incl. with external tools) at every stage ensuring task execution, standards compliance, quality metrics and code security.

5. Maintenance

Ongoing technical support according to the service agreements to ensure processes integrity and quality results over time.

4. Implementation and training

Implementation alongside training meetings and usage monitoring, to ensure successful self use of the system.