HR and Learning Solutions

LMS & LXP, Onboarding, Lecture Capture

Knowledge management for the new generation

Solving organizational learning challenges

Create and manage content and training systems with ease with Bynet’s AI-based learning solutions. Tailor content to the character and needs of participants with automated learning which is updated on the fly and synchronizes your learning content with your business goals and measure results to ensure maximum efficiency.

A comprehensive response to all learning needs


A flexible and scalable learning management system for easily and quickly creating personalized learning systems in any field. The LMS provides an accurate picture of the learning processes in the organization in real time and enables command, control and making adjustments and changes at the touch of a button.


A system for curating high-quality learning content from the web and online learning sites that offers employees content in a variety of subjects and formats according to their choice. The LXP offers an advanced learning experience fitted to different roles, level of learning required and areas of interest.

Lectures Capture

a system that enables filming, broadcasting and viewing of meetings and tutorials alongside a variety of teaching and learning tools: creation and sharing of video-synchronized tutorial summaries, creation of automatic clips from the filmed materials, a content search mechanism and more.

Continuous learning from day one

The learning process begins with onboarding and continues throughout the employee’s life cycle. Create personalized learning pathways that combine online training and courses with social learning to make it quick and easy for new hires to be onboarded. Next, the new employees will be exposed to the culture and organizational policies along with interactive learning content that will encourage them to keep on learning.

Continuous measurement and improvement

Measure the impact of learning processes with an advanced system of questionnaires and surveys, generate insights using advanced reports and dashboards and improve activity on the go. The vast amount of information collected will be used to promote broader organizational goals that go beyond the learning realm.